Cata N° 3
Mobilhome land and sea

This mobilhome has enough to satisfy the most demanding in search of adventures. It is ideal for sailing and driving on beaches because of its retractable wheels that allow to spend the night on the mainland. 
Its total widht is 9 meters and it is composed of 2 cylinders of 13 meters long.

Live on land and sea - the foster mother - to renew pur water at pressure - electricity - and to recharge the electric motorcycle - compressed air for fridge, hydrogen.

The cata-energy, with its two large living spaces, from front to back, offers a pleasant life with many practical applications.

To start the construction

For a market research, construction, choice of model, without commitment.
Time delivery : 4 months for a cata-energy with tube and 18 months with two masts.

Donations for development are welcome

Bank account:
IBAN CH60 8080 8003 1701 5680 7


Cata energy wave

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