The sea, new renewable energy source from the waves. 

The cata-energy, by its qualities of symmetry and harmony with the force of nature, is the most perfect that the man can imagine to save a part of humanity. 

Live on land and sea to renew pure water pressure, create energy and recharge various electrical systems and produce compressed air. 

The cata-energy with its two large living spaces, from front to back, offers a pleasant life with many practical applications. Suitable for families, wheelchairs, it can sail around the world. It can be used for the depuration (plastics and other rubish) of our oceans and our beaches. One habitable float and the other dedicated to the commercial part.

Explanations :

The cata-energy has two floats which are fixed to each other by a half frame, connected by a horizontal axis (truck crane turret, guaranteed by the factory). Adaptable to any size of cata-energy, from 5 to 16 meters long. The two floats can follow the movement of the waves with a great stability that any other boat doesn't have.

It can navigate in shallow waters and be used as a dwelling in emerged islands, inside coral and can ride up rivers. Ideal for the Amazon, the North Pole, ice and all scientifics expeditions.

Submission of the manufacturer : 

For the linear movement with continuous rotation in the same direction, providing electricity fixed on earth or on cata-energy, weight from 30 to 1000 kilos, for selling all over the world.

To start the construction

For a market research, construction, choice of model, without commitment.
Time delivery : 4 months for a cata-energy with tube and 18 months with two masts.

Donations for development are welcome

Bank account:
IBAN CH60 8080 8003 1701 5680 7


Cata energy wave

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